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How To Build A Website?

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

You have dicided to build yourself a website but you have no idee how to get started? What do I need to build a website? What are the options?

1. Choose your website builder

2. Sign up for the plan

3. Choose your domain name

4. Choose the right template

5. Add content

6. Publish!

1. Choose Your Website Builder

These day's there are many website builders to chose from. But you need to pick one that matches up with your needs. It all depends how you would like to use your website.

Is it to use it as a eCommerce website? (Click the link to learn about eCommerce)

Is it to inform your potential customers? Is it to write your blogs?

To help you we made a Top 5 website builders for small to medium business.

You can click them to visit there website.

2. Sign Up For The Right Plan

Once you’ve settled on a website builder, you need to sign up for a plan. Website builders tend to offer multiple plans so you aren’t paying for things you don’t need. Every business has different needs so make the right choice. You can always upgrade your plan afterwards.

You can make a website for free, but there are catches. A free plan holds a lot of important features back. You can’t use custom domains, and your site will have ads for that website builder. If you wanna try the website building out then the free plans are worth a look. However, if you want a professional and feature-rich website you’re going to have to pay a few dollars a month.

3. Choose Your Domain Name

Your domain name is the first impression of your visitor to your business/website. So take your time to chose the right name that your visitors can easily find your site. And that the name is relevant to your business.

Once you’re sure about your domain name, simply register it as part of the signup process with your chosen website builder. Some of the leaner plans will require an annual renewal fee while with premium plans it’s usually included.

4. Pick The Right Template

Now you’re ready to start creating your website.

The top builders provide hundreds of templates across dozens of categories. Whatever the focus of your site is, there will be a template for it.

Most template designs offer you 2 types of content width:


When the bakcground image has side ends on the left and right.

So it feels like the content is “boxed” into a set area.

Full: When the background image stretches the full width of your computer screen. So it gives the feeling that your website content has no boundaries.

After picking the perfect template you will have to customise it to your business. Most website builders walk you through all the possible steps.

5. Add Content

Now you can have some fun with adding your content to your website.

You can replace any content already on your template, as well as text and image boxes around each page (if you use a drag-and-drop builder).

6. Publish!

After you cusomised your website you are ready to publish!

Make sure you first test your website and take a preview to make sure it looks the way you like.

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